President’s Letter

Galt House
Louisville, KY
September 22-24

Hello and welcome to the 2023 Mid America Veterinary Conference! We are so glad you’re here!

As you look through the program, you will see various subjects relevant to us all. Everything from finance topics (as our keynote speaker, Matt Salois is a veterinary economist) to toxicology, cardiology, advances in feline pain management, equine orthopedics, technician courses and milk quality in cattle. We have something for everyone. In the realm of wellness, a self-defense class is being offered Sunday. Classes are open to anyone who is employed by a veterinary clinic, any staff member, including those unregistered for the MAVC. This has been discussed for years by our planning committee, and I am so glad to see it materialize this year. Additionally, USDA/APHIS Modules are again being offered this year for those seeking to attend. We are so glad to offer this great array of topics, large and small, with various educational and professional development courses at the Galt House this year at the 112th KVMA Annual Meeting and 50th Mid-America Veterinary Conference.

As a celebratory year for the KVMA (50th!), we are happy to celebrate at the Muhammad Ali Center on Saturday evening. Come join us as we celebrate the past and cheer for the future of the KVMA! This milestone celebration will allow us to not only show gratitude for all the accomplishments and talents that have gotten our organization this far, but also to manifest success in future endeavors so valuable to our great profession here in the Commonwealth. One theme you may see throughout MAVC is a red bike. This is no mistake! We have truly embraced this “Float like a Butterfly Effect” of empowerment. This story from Muhammad Ali’s young life is a testament that you can be and do it all, if you want to! Resilience, fortitude and determination are three words that come to my mind when I think of my own Red Bike Moment. Becoming a veterinarian required all these skills, and continue to play throughout my professional career today. What is your Red Bike Moment? You will have the opportunity to share! Please do take the time to reflect on your own accomplishments, as you are doing great things every day! Just maybe you will be an impetus to bring on someone else’s Red Bike Moment.

Thank you again for your attendance and participation and have a great conference!





Brigette Dean-Hines, DVM
KVMA President