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September 13-15, 2024

Central Bank Center | Lexington, KY

Meet Our Speakers

Christine Casey, DVM, received her DVM from the University of Georgia along with additional advance degrees including a MS in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, a MPH with an emphasis on Infectious Disease Epi-demiology. Dr. Casey accepted the State Wildlife Veterinarian position with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in 2019. She serves on several wildlife health committees and working groups as a wildlife health advisor. She has authored/co-authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and continues to collabo-rate with researchers at multiple universities on various wildlife health projects. She is a member of several professional societies including the Wildlife Disease Association, American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, and the United States Animal Health Association. Her research interests include investigating diseases at the hu-man, domestic animal, and wildlife interface. Along with studying and characterizing the dynamic relationships between the host, environment, and pathogen the contribute to the development of disease.

Regulatory and One Health

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