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September 13-15, 2024

Central Bank Center | Lexington, KY

Meet Our Speakers

Christopher Kresnak, Supervisory Diversion Investigator, Diversion Program Manager, Drug Enforcement Administration. Diversion Program Manager Kresnak retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2001 after 22 years of service. Retiring as a Master Sergeant he served in numerous billets including the senior en-listed member on the Commandant of the Marine Corps personal staff; an Action Officer for the Director J-3, Counter Narcotic Operation Division coordinating operation plans for DOD’s host nation support; and was the Non-Commission Officer In Charge of the 2000 Presidential Inauguration. Over the last sixteen years Diversion Program Manager Kresnak has been the lead investigator on several complex and high profile cases involving the diversion of controlled substances. Diversion Program Manager Kresnak has authored several law enforce-ment papers which outlined the pill mill problem in southern Ohio. These papers have brought together a host of federal, state, and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies to attack this problem. The cooperative efforts of these agencies have seen dramatic results in that region of the country. Assigned to the Chemical Investigation Section at DEA Headquarters in Washington D.C. in 2019, Diversion Program Manager Kresnak coordinated several world-wide investigations into the illicit sale of precursor of chemicals used to produce illegal fentanyl. Diversion Program Manager Kresnak coordinated DEA’s effort on an international law enforce-ment level bringing to a halt of several Transcontinental Criminal Organizations attempts of produce fentanyl.

Regulatory and One Health

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